One Year of Tokin Tuesday

Happy Anniversary Smokers! Just over a year ago today one of our wonderful staff said “Hey, what if every week we gave one of our loyal followers and devoted customers an awesome smoking accessory of their choice? – completely free!? What if we made it a competition? What if!?!” We agreed with this visionary, and Tokin’ Tuesday was born! For this milestone event, we are offering you the cream of the crop. The brand new line of EVO glass is your playground, and you can pick up whichever piece tickles your fancy. We have some with monsters, flowers, frit and bullets. We have the rawest of the raw percs, and even a sink. These are beautifully crafted pieces, the likes of which have never been seen in our stores before!

The best part of this week’s edition – we are going to be picking THREE winners! Three of our wonderful fans will be taking home one of these incredible Evo Glass Pieces! Everyone, choose wisely! There is only one of each to be won!

To enter head on over to our Facebook page and click on the contest photo. All you gotta do is like, and comment but there are tons more entries available!


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