About Us


First established in Calgary in 2009, Smoker’s Corner is a Canadian Corporation.

We pride ourselves on our high quality glassware, outstanding customer service, a wide range of North American product lines, knowledgeable friendly staff, patented sleek store design and inexpensive pricing. 

We currently own and operate 18 locations, and are constantly expanding.

Here at Smoker’s Corner, we are a step ahead of the rest starting from our modern curb appeal to our leading trademarked designs; we are smoking out the competition.

We are always looking for new opportunities, welcoming communities and memorable experiences.

Smoker’s Corner sponsors a number of events and shows across Western Canada. 


Working in a Smoker's Corner Location Store

We offer great hours, friendly, funny and knowledgeable coworkers, exciting bonuses, phenomenal discounts, and much more.

Retail applicants are encouraged to forward their cover letters, resumes and desired store location to      




Looking To Join Our Team?

Whether you’re seeking a full or part-time position, or interested in becoming a franchisee, Smoker’s Corner has an exciting opportunity to best suit your individual needs.


Owning a Smoker's Corner Location

Tired of working for the man? How would you like to become your own boss?

Smoker’s Corner Ltd. Now offers a unique franchise opportunity, which gives you the freedom to work for yourself and love what you do. Imagine the relief waking up each day and knowing it holds great new potential.

Follow the link below for further information about becoming our newest Franchisee.