Space Bear Custom Blend Terpenes 0.25ml

The Space Bear Company is a craft cannabis distillery, producing the finest quality terpenes sourced from organic, sustainable sun-grown cannabis farms. Space Bear is owned and operated by people passionate for cannabis. In the same way that cannabis compliments and enhances our lives, Space Bear terpenes compliments and enhances cannabis. These terpenes are THC and CBD free.

Our mission is to support the community and those within it that are leading the way, following their passions. Whether it be sports, art or music, its undeniable the influence that this healing herb has on creativity and innovation. Space Bear is about challenging ourselves and supporting one another to bring about positive change in the world around us. Don’t settle for the status quo, Get Higher in all you do.

Cannabis Terpenes. As more and more research continues to be done on cannabis and its unique properties, many interesting discoveries have been made. One of the most exciting areas of cannabis research has been in regards to terpenes. Simply put, terpenes are what give cannabis its distinctive smell and taste. Not only are they responsible for aroma and flavor, but they have a direct influence on how other compounds within cannabis, such as THC the most well known psychoactive component, affect you and your body. This is known as the “entourage effect”.

Space Bear uses cannabis sourced from organic outdoor farms. The terpenes present within the cannabis are extracted using traditional steam distillation. This raw essential oil is then further purified and distilled using sophisticated laboratory equipment allowing us to create different terpene blends, each with unique and exciting properties.

It is very important to note that all our terpenes are extracted from cannabis, not sourced from other botanical sources, such as citrus fruits. While these food grade terpenes are safe to use, we believe that they lack the distinct flavor and aroma of cannabis derived terpenes. Even when combined in exact ratios to attempt to recreate cannabis strains, these “cannabis derived profiles” just don’t have the smell and taste that is present only with terpenes extracted from cannabis.

Steam distillation isn’t the only way to extract cannabis terpenes. In fact, using more expensive and labor intensive high tech extraction methods, other companies are able to capture the lighter, more volatile terpenes that are lost during steam distillation. We set out to bridge the gap between inexpensive food grade terpenes and the higher priced cannabis terpenes currently on the market.

Space Bear products are available in 0.25ml bottles and will retail for $45.00 each. Each bottle has enough Terpenes for 10 uses - a little drop will do. Works best with Shatter but can be used with Dry Herbs as well.

Deep: Deep has exceptionally high levels of Myrcene. One of the most well known terpenes, myrcene is responsible for helping the THC cross the blood brain barrier and even helps your body to release natural opiates, making it a great choice for combating stress and pain. The flavor and aroma is slightly sweet with hints of mangos. Deep perfectly compliments any strain to increase the sedative qualities of cannabis.

Higher: Limonene is the predominant terpene in our signature cannabis extract which will increase the full range and effects of cannabis. A full bodied extract which has hints of lemon and grapefruit, Higher is perfect for times when you've developed a tolerance for certain strains or concentrates.

Focus: Large concentrations of both alpha and beta pinene are found in Focus. These terpenes provide a flavor profile that is instantly recognizable as pine. Many qualities have been attributed to pinene, but the most dominant effect is that of alertness, a sense of increased focus without any unpleasant stimulating effects. Focus can be used with any strain to help filter out distractions and help to improve concentration.

Calm: A very unique and remarkable terpene, beta-Caryophyllene is present in Calm. This terpene gives Calm an unmistakable taste. Not only is the undertone of cloves and black pepper very relaxing it is also invigorating without being stimulating. Calm pairs perfectly with any strain as it doesn't dull the effects, but rather mellows them out.

Chill: Linalool is the main terpene present in Chill. Expect a softer, more delicate aroma and taste which is reminiscent of fresh lavender. With its exceptional anti-anxiety and sedative properties, Chill is great for those who may experience moments of anxiety when consuming cannabis. 

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